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World Anaqa Show will bring designers from all over the world in one roof for fashion enthusiasts to savor the latest trends available. The show will connect Eastern and Western styles –a fusion for traditional and modern fashion that will reflect the overall look and feel of chic, clean, modern, and high-end fashion.

We will showcase well-known local and international brands for kids, men and women. We will also allow the opportunity for local aspiring designers to boast their original designs and creations and support the future talents in this industry. This continuous fashion event will also support charities.

The 6-day event includes a Gala Dinner for key persons in Qatar and its neighboring countries to exchange ideas and aspirations. Press Conferences and Runway shows will also be part of this big event to reach out to the people of Qatar.

During this event, we would like to acknowledge and honor Arabic designers and brands that have succeeded internationally and has put Middle East as key players in the Fashion Industry.


Create a synergy between Western and Eastern culture through a series of fashion events. Open doors for more opportunities to develop and elevate fashion knowledge and designs.


To be part of the top fashion show locally and internationally. Be the brand that will carry new, innovate, and fresh designers through successive fashion shows and exhibitions with Legacies and known brands. We aim to maintain modesty while empowering more women through fashion.


The purpose of World Anaqa Show is to bring both fresh international and local designs from all over the world into a single venue where women can freely choose to create their own fashion style.


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